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The Foundation for the Culture of the Future was established by the Swedish Government in 1994, and was allocated capital amounting to 529 million Swedish kronor.

The purpose of the Foundation, which will exist for at least ten years, is to financially support long-term and innovative cultural projects, thus stimulating regional culture in a wide sense. One of the underlying aims of this is to encourage economic growth and development in the regions. In pursuing this aim, the Foundation will eventually use up its capital. In view of the time limit on its existence, the Foundation will not help fund what can be regarded as operational costs. Nor will it finance, or in any other way assume responsibility for, activities that have had their content or funding reviewed as a result of changes in the public sector.

The Foundation has a unique role, and its resources place it in an unprecedented position to contribute to development in all artistic and cultural fields. On the basis of its general assignment, and while maintaining a strong emphasis on quality, the Foundation has focused on a few especially urgent areas. Two objectives are currently being highlighted: firstly, to contribute to the regeneration and development of cultural life, especially by improving existing cultural institutions; and secondly, to intensify contacts between the cultural sector and schools. This emphasis is based on the experiences gained in the initial phase, when the Foundation invited the public to apply for funding of new and long-term projects, along comparatively general guidelines. Gradually, the Foundation has come to concentrate on areas that are deemed priorities. However, the last year the Foundation invited applications from the public for funding of projects was in 2008.

During the period 1995-2009, The Foundation for the Culture of the Future has awarded 830 million Swedish kronor to various cultural projects. At the end of 2009, the market value of its equity was approximately 52 million kronor.


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